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      Solutions / Industrial Automation / Food & Beverage Industry
      Food & Beverage Industry

      The automation and digital management of the entire production process of automated equipment have been effectively improved in recent years, basically realizing the automatic collection of equipment and production data, and the digitization of record analysis and statistical output. Behind the powerful automation and digitization is the stability of data processing. The industrial cabinet temperature control products provide a strong guarantee for the efficiency of data processing inside the cabinet.


      EIA Series Air Conditioner, EIX Series Air/Water Heat Exchanger

      EIA Series Air Conditioner


      • Automatically start when power on
      • Professional condensed water disposal function
      • Modular components, easy to replace
      • Ultra long design life ≥10 years
      • Remote monitoring available
      • Humanized operation interface
      • Dry contact alarm output
      EIX Series Air/Water Heat Exchanger


      • Various water connection methods
      • Energy saving control system
      • Chinese and English display interface
      • Adaptable to high ambient temperature
      • Remote monitoring available
      • Using industrial grade fans
      • High protection level