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      From the plain to the mountain, from the desert to the glacier, from the land to the sea, where there are communication base stations, there is the presence of Envicool air conditioner. The high protection level of IP55, strict surface treatment technology, superb thermal control technology, and perfect system matching ability make the air conditioner easily face the all-weather natural environment.

      High Efficiency
      Environmental Protection
      Reliable Solution

      application scenarios

      DC Powered Cooling
      For application environments where AC power supply is unstable or without AC power supply due to conditions, such as outdoor hybrid sites, wind-solar hybrid sites, remote areas, islands and other sites.
      AC Powered Cooling
      For outdoor applications where AC power can be available, such as applications that are susceptible to external invasions such as rain, moisture, salt spray and dust.
      Hybrid Cooling
      For applications where the low energy consumption and high equipment reliability is required, especially in scenarios with both AC and DC power supply.