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      Energy Storage

      Whether it is photovoltaic or wind power; whether it is water power or fire power. From power plants to substations, from power transmission to energy storage, there is the presence of Envicool air conditioner. IP55 high protection level, advanced frequency conversion control technology, intelligent interface operation, convenient remote monitoring, strict energy saving requirements, long design life, Envicool ESS air conditioner dares to accept various challenges in energy storage applications.
      Green Technology
      Advanced Technology
      Smart Technology

      application scenarios

      Cabinet Energy Storage

      As an independent integrated system of ESS system, the outdoor energy storage cabinet is widely used in distributed projects because of its flexible layout and convenient installation.

      Containerized Energy Storage
      The containerized ESS has the characteristics of short construction period, high degree of modularity, easy transportation and installation, etc. It is widely used in thermal power, wind energy, solar energy and other power stations or applications such as islands, communities, schools, scientific research institutions, factories and large load centers.
      Turnkey Solution